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Cyber crime is without the shadow of a doubt the most common and dangerous sorts of crime out there. These are illegal activities that occur on online platforms. The technology has grown so rapidly that even the remotest of areas are now connected to the rest of the world through the internet. However, this connection is not secure at all. Whatever data you provide to a website can be hacked midway and is prone to be used for illegal and criminal activities. This is why many people hesitate to put their private or important stuff online.

However, contemporary companies and organizations have now started looking for solutions that can prevent cybercrimes. One of the colloquial solutions is encryption. It is simply modifying or encoding your data as soon as you enter it in any website. This data travels online with a key and is decoded once it reaches the other end. Doing this does not minimize the rate of theft but even though the information is stolen, nothing can be extracted from it as it is encrypted. The world now uses many modified forms of encryption certificates to bypass cybercrimes. Biztory, for instance, is secured with SSL and, hence, is safe to use.

WHAT is SSL and how does it help prevent cybercrime

SSL, also known as secure sockets layer is an encryption technology that encodes all the data you enter in a web form and keeps it private. One of the successors of SSL is TSL, which is not much different from it. With SSL, the information you provide to a browser is only read on the concerned edge and appears modified or encoded to every other browser or server on the internet. This is how it protects your information and prevents crimes like identity theft and forgery.

Biztory has got SSL security

If you are a businessman and use cloud software to integrate all of your company’s data for proper analysis and management, you have to be sure that it doesn’t get into criminal hands. Anything can happen in a world full of technological weapons. As cloud information can be accessed from anywhere in the world, your competitors can hack it and use your information against you. However, with Biztory, you don’t have to worry about these things as it is secured with SSL and keeps your information safe.

You can verify that software or website is secured by looking at its URL. The URL beginning with https is encrypted and that means they have the SSL certificate. Other URLs that begin with HTTP are not licensed and, hence, are not as secure as the former ones.

In a fight with cybercrime

When you are on a battlefield, you can and should not rely on a single strategy. Even though encrypting information is a strong solution but it is not enough. As professional criminals can get their way through everything. You need to have additional configurations like a strong password to your account. You also have to have a strong antivirus program and an updated system that prevents foreign entry to your cloud, and if someone makes an illegal entry, your system can alarm you about it and modifies the information accordingly.