Better manage your purchases & inventory

Biztory helps you to manage and track your inventory level, issue purchase invoices directly to your supplier whenever you need more stocks.

Manage Your Purchase & Expenses Report

Monitor and understand your business purchase and expenses.

Understand where your business spends the most money on buying materials and also expenses.

Issue Purchase Order & Invoice

In just a few clicks via email or social media.

Save time by issuing your purchase order & invoice within Biztory directly.

Sync Your Data and Monitor Your Stock Level for Efficient Inventory Control

Improve your stock management for effective planning of purchases  

Minimize storage and maintenance cost for your e-commerce business with our purchases and inventory management system. No more worry for the stock count with our real-time updates stock level.

More features about Purchases and Inventory

Debit Note

Created by buyer when returning goods received on credit.

You can issue a debit note to your supplier to request return funds that already paid.

Stock Transfer

Internal purchase order to move stocks

You can issue an internal purchase order to record your stock transfer from HQ to branches.

Track Expenses Report

All your business expenses from parking to overtime claims.

Track and analyze your business expenditure with categories such as parking, overtime claims, transportation, and other categories to find out where you can optimize better.

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Purchases & Inventory

Accounting & Taxes

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