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As a business owner or the person in charge of sales, you have to monitor your team and its performance. Different companies have varying ways of tracking the performance of their sales representatives and there are instances when things can get complicated. You want to make sure that the salesman is meeting the set target and he or she is being rewarded appropriately. For that, you should consider the right tracking which is easily possible. However, many individuals find themselves entangled and confused. Here is how you can simply track and manage your salespersons.

Call them around the table

The first thing you must do is call your sales team around the table weekly. Get the individuals to sit down on a table and talk to them about the sales. You can also call them one after the other in your office and talk to them. However, this is only possible if your sales team is small and you only have a limited number of people around you. When the team gets bigger, meeting with everyone in person and talking to him or her about the sales become a tough ask. Still, you should try to reach the sales staff and get to know about their performance.

Give them responsibility

A salesperson should not only be thinking about sales. There must be a responsibility on his or her shoulders. Most of the employees, when they are dealing with sales, only try to sell a product and service. They don’t have any goal behind it. Setting their targets and giving them a good responsibility will be very helpful as it encourages them for hard work, particularly if you have a good reward on the other end.

Grouping is a good idea

Grouping is a pretty good idea, and you can categorize the salespersons in several different ways. One may do it on a regional basis while others may give them the ranks and tags. Moreover, you can create mini-groups and assign them to different individuals who are responsible for training and boosting sales in different sections of your company.

Set KPIs

KPIs refer to key performance indicators, and set them in place helps you in evaluating the performance of an individual like a pro. You can consider how many deals were lost, the number of customer bounce rate for a salesperson, how many big and how many small deals were made, and similar other indicators that can assist you in evaluating the performance of a salesman.

Use good software

Perhaps the easiest way of managing a sales team is with the help of good software. Most of the people invest a lot of money in team management software. However, why would you pay for the other solutions when you are getting the option to manage your team as well as your accounts in one? Well, Biztory offers you a chance to manage your accounts and sales team. You can add a salesperson and set the target for him or her. Depending on your sales data, the record of the salesperson will be automatically updated, and you can track their performance with ease.