Sharing is Caring

Behind every success of an event is the untold hard work and efforts the team has put in to make sure it meets the initial purpose and expectations of everyone. With that being said, the success of Biztory’s ECF 2.0 cannot be passed without acknowledging the team’s efforts as well as those who have made it for our event on 5th November 2019! 

Pre-Event Preparation 

To ensure everyone is updated and informed of every detail of the event, a meeting and briefing were held at 3:30pm, 3 hours before the event took place, so that the team can have a better understanding of the latest ECF plan and also the purpose of the Letter of Intent for our potential investors. Throughout the meeting, the team has kept their concentration at its best and questions were raised during times of uncertainty and doubts. The highlight of this meeting was definitely the 1 to 1 briefing session led by Carol on the marketing techniques and skills the team will be needed to assist and deal with our customers as the customers that were going to turn up for the event later are all Biztory’s existing customers who have had possessed basic knowledge about our company and the service we provide prior the event. 

Time is ticking!

Fast forwarding the time to 6 pm, tasks were delegated among the team to help out with the venue set up of the event at Red Dot Campus, Counter, and Food Catering. Furthermore, 1 to 1 Enquiry Table was also set up as space for our customers to enquire about ECF and other relevant matters where we assist and provide an explanation to each of their doubts and questions. On the other hand, catering was set up at the Public Area to welcome the arrival of our customers where they were served with delicious food and beverages. Then, as the clock strikes 6:30 pm, customers started coming one after another, pretty on time I would say which has actually prompted the registration to start on time too! Luckily, the food was ready to be served and the enquiry tables were settled on time, completed with the provision of refreshment, pen, and flyer, as well as the letter of intent. And now, we are now good to go! 

A New Challenge for the team

Thankfully, everything went on as planned, with the hall being echoed with warm-up music and our team playing their role responsibly and perfectly, it was a relief knowing that those efforts and time the team has put into this event was not going into waste, in fact it has provided them with the platform to develop their communication skills and promote personal development, especially when each team member had to take care of a counter to do a 1 to 1 sharing session with the customer, of course, with the assistance and guidance of our founder and Vice President, Bryan and Carol. 

Outcome is the best reflection of Efforts 

By the end of this ECF sharing, we have managed to collect a total amount of five letters of intent from our customers to invest in this ECF campaign, with a total value of RM32,000. One customer has signed up on the spot, grasping onto our hot package of RM1,980, in which, as a token of appreciation, we have awarded her with a certificate as well as a biztory goodies bag. Though ECF 2.0 has passed for some time now, the ECF campaign is still on-going and available for sign up for those who are interested, so grab your chance and drop your enquiries now!