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How Biztory Helps You?

Manage Your Quotation & Invoice

While you focus on getting more sales.

Whether you are on-to-go or need to send out the invoice ASAP, you can get it done within a click.

Manage Your Cash Flow

Understand your business performance.

Biztory allows you not only to track sales and expenses, but also overdue business accounts that you can act on immediately.

Manage your Inventory

From your purchase expenses to your current stock count.

Understand your business expenses and manage your stock level. You can also issue purchases invoices directly within Biztory to your supplier.

Simplify Your Accounting & Tax Estimator

Generate key financial reports hassle-free.

Generate your key financial reports such as Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Statement of Account for simplified accounting. We’ve recently launched a Tax Estimator which helps you to estimate total tax payable. 

Why is Biztory important in helping SME businesses?

Research has shown that there are
more than 80% of SMEs that fail within a year.
We believe that one of the causes is that people do not take note of the cash flow and expenses coming in and out of their companies.

Over the years, Biztory has helped many SMEs in managing their finances and businesses.


Now, more than 13,000 organizations have registered to use Biztory in 60 cities across the state.

With Biztory, you can now feel more relieved as, with our software, you can now not only note down their invoices, purchases and expenses, at the same time you can also do your monthly bank reconciliation with Biztory.
Now, Bank Rakyat customers can use Biztory cloud accounting to manage business cash flows and invoices anytime, anywhere!


Biztory is designed for users who have no prior accounting knowledge with its user-friendly interface.

Special For You

This special deal is exclusively for Bank Rakyat’s customers. 

Biztory is giving the SMEs & Corporate Customers of Bank Rakyat

Special 3 Months Free Trial

Bank Rakyat’s customers get to experience Biztory Cloud Accounting Software for a longer period without a single cent before subscribing to Biztory.

Bank Rakyat’s SMEs Customer also receive

Special 20% Off Biztory Regular Price

Experience Now with The 90 Days Free Trial to Enjoy The Seamless Accounting Journey.

Still, Feeling Unsure?

Come to us and learn more about Biztory!

Biztory FAQ

What is Bank Rakyat’s “eBiz Tools Marketplace”?
eBiz Tools Marketplace is a platform dedicated to offering a curated selection of digital business tools in collaboration with reputable Digital/Fintech companies to assist Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in digitalising their business processes to promote business growth and improve operational efficiency.

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) can improve their business operations including Human Resources, Accounting, eCommerce Management, Marketing, Branding, Connectivity, and others by signing up for Digital Partner solutions.

What is Biztory Cloud Accounting Software?
Biztory makes your daily accounting tasks simpler and faster. Go paperless with Biztory cloud accounting and its tools for corporates, SMEs and businesses today. Your accountants and bookkeepers no longer need to keep piles of papers and perform cross checking manually. We are confident that we will be able to optimise your business cost while securing your data storage. 
What is this collaboration between Bank Rakyat and Biztory?
The collaboration between Bank Rakyat and Biztory aims at helping new and existing SME and cooperatives customers with a cloud accounting system that can alleviate their daily business operations.
What are Biztory subscription fees and its key features?
The subscription fees vary depending on the subscription package. The following are the packages available: https://biztory.com.my/pricing-plan/comparison/ 
Can I customise my package?
Yes, the packages are customisable according to your needs. Please contact Biztory at info@biztory.com.my or call 012-3803369 for more information.
I do not have an account with Bank Rakyat. How can I subscribe to Biztory?
You must have either Bank Rakyat’s e-Current Account-i (eCA-i) or Savings Account-i to subscribe to Biztory.

If you are not a Bank Rakyat deposit account holder, you may sign-up for eCA-i via the following link:



How do I apply for Biztory?
If you are interested and wish to apply, you may apply at our eBiz Tools Marketplace at the following link:


Alternatively, please visit us at any Bank Rakyat’s Business Banking Centre (BBC). Our dedicated staff is ready to assist with the application.


I have further questions on Biztory, whom can I reach out to?
For any queries on Biztory, please email them at info@biztory.com.my or call 012-3803369


What is the plan provided for the free trial?
The plan provided for the free trial is PRO Plan where you may try out the complete features of Biztory.
Can I know what are the features that will be provided for the Pro plan Trial version?
The complete features of the Pro plan trial version can be read here –  https://biztory.com.my/pricing-plan/comparison/ 
Can I start from FREE and upgrade to the paid version later on?
Yes! You can choose to subscribe to Biztory services once you have tried our trial version.
What is the e-Invoicing quota?
In Biztory, there is a function that allows you to send documents such as invoices and quotations to your client by email. E-invoicing quota is the limit of emails you can send using Biztory every month.

P.S. Your e-invoicing quota will not affect the number of invoices you can key-in to Biztory, and it will be refreshed every month.

Do you provide any training for this software?
All new subscribers are eligible to enjoy one training for free. However, Biztory also offers on-site training for your company on certain charges.
How do you count the users? Can I login to the same account from multiple devices?
A user is an account that you use to login to Biztory and perform any task. Yes, You can log in to the same account using different devices.
Can I add multiple companies in one Biztory account?
No, it is impossible to add multiple companies in one Biztory account. Biztory treats the data registered in your account as one company.
Can I monitor multiple branches under the same company in one Biztory account?
Yes, you may tell Biztory and Biztory will allow you to monitor the performance of multiple branches under one company
How do I make payment?
After you have chosen your subscription plan, proceed to fill in the details, and you can pay using your credit card or debit card.
Will I receive a reminder to renew my subscription?
Yes, a notification will appear in your Biztory account when your subscription is about to end. An email will also be sent to your registered email address.